Is PUBG better than Free Fire?

Ok, no judgment but I simply do not understand why people even ask this question. It is such an easy and obvious choice. The answer is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Here’s why:

Animations: PUBG has FAR smoother animations than Free Fire. Animations do not feel wonky or incomplete.

Gunplay: The gunplay in PUBG is also far better in every way. You have to face weapon recoil which requires some skill. In Free Fire, recoil is nearly nonexistent, making the game just point-and-shoot.

Fair Chance: In PUBG, you don’t get any special ability or advantage. Every single player is equal. All that matters is what guns you find and how skilled you are. In Free Fire, there are many different characters you can unlock that have their own advantages which can and will affect gameplay to some degree.

Graphics: PUBG Graphics are better than Free Fire. This is the most obvious difference.

PUBG Highest Graphics:

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Free Fire Highest Graphics:

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Since PUBG is a graphics-intensive game, it is also slightly demanding in terms of RAM. If you have a phone with at least 3GB RAM, DO NOT HESITATE. Play PUBG. Free Fire has much less attractive graphics, to say the least, so it’s better for phones below with 2GB RAM. Also, let’s not forget that Free Fire is one of at least a dizen rip-off (copies) of PUBG.

And if you have a pretty good phone and prefer an, even more, fast-paced game, download COD Mobile. If you somehow don’t know, Call of Duty is a 2-decade-old franchise that recently got published on mobile phones. It is better than PUBG in every way lol.


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It has more content than both PUBG and Free Fire combined. Its competitive multiplayer is playable on a 2GB RAM Device(like mine). Unfortunately, you need 3GB RAM to play Battle Royale, otherwise, the game will crash.

That’s all folks, this is my longest answer to date and I have settled this debate.