Is Clash Royale really better than Clash Of Clans?

These are two totally different games set in the same universe. It’s totally dependent on the player’s style and liking to him liking one over the other.

I personally like Clash Royal way more than COC due to the following reasons:

  • Never gets boring: You can’t just open and see CR, either you are playing or you aren’t. When you are playing, you can’t lose focus for 2 seconds and if you aren’t playing, you can stall for 2 years and come back to find everything where it was.
  • More strategic: Both the games are heavily dependent on the deck/troops we have, but with a set of troops, you need to be a lot more strategic in CR to outsmart your opponent. In coc you can already see what you are facing, and mostly you should have an idea of whether you are going to win or not.
  • Wait: This is insane, let’s say I want to play now. But my army won’t be ready. Now, I can play after an hour but maybe I won’t want to then. Everything in coc depends upon the time you spend beforehand.
  • Scope of improvement: If I suck at coc, it will take me several months to get up to the mark with other players. While in CR, if I try to focus and experiment, I can become a much better player very fast.
  • User-friendly: Yeah, coc is complex. You may not know how stuff works half the time, and there is definitely a lot of learning for a new player. It’s a good thing if it’s in the limit, as in CR. It’s much well managed with everything pretty much self-explanatory.
  • Flexible: Almost all the bases in coc are similar at a common level, you get the same buildings, the same traps, same everything. CR is insanely flexible, you can be a great defender and still win, and you can be an all-out attacker and still win. CR allows you to literally outsmart another person of similar skill set, it can be a lot more mentally rewarding to win a tight cr game with just the right move at just the right time. In coc, you don’t know what half your army is doing or is even alive.
  • New things to do: CR team is awesome in this regard, they will come up with new challenges, troops, and game modes.every once in a while and will make sure that you have something new to get to, the structure of coc doesn’t allow this.
  • My proficiency: See, I love CR, and COC has been an on/off thing for me. It’s understandable that I may not get coc in a way that a really good player would do, so it’s more about what your style is.

I also like some coc things over cr like clans and village concepts. But I go to the Civilization series for that kind of strategy, where it has reached its peak.